May 13, 2017

I highly recommend Scott’s.

"I had two cars with cracked windshields. Scott's replaced both of them and I could not be happier. When they arrived this morning, it turned out that one of the replacement windshields was chipped in transit so they had to get a second one. They got the new one and replaced it the same day. It was so convenient that they came to my house which saved me a lot of time and trouble. I compared prices before going with Scott's. Their price for my Baja was $230. The other guys were $283 and $321. Trina was very business-like on the phone and friendly in person. She called about 30 min. before they arrived to let me know, and then they arrived right on time. She and her co-worker were obviously very experienced and knowledgeable. Best of all, they have a lifetime guarantee on the new windshields. So if I ever have a leak or noise, they will fix it for free. I highly recommend Scott's."